Current positions

Potential project 1 - Quantitative bacterial physiology and cell biology. Experimentalist. 

Potential project 2 - Quanttitative physiology and cell biology in yeast. Experimentalist. 

Potential project 3 - Quantitative microbial physiology (broadly defined). Theorist.

For experimentalists, you could be a biologist with a strong background in molecular biology and genetics, and want to learn quantitative approaches to biology. Alternatively, you could be an experimental biophysicist and want to learn biology seriously.

For theoretical physicists, no knowledge of biology is required, but they should be willing to learn and perhaps even do simple experiments. Initially full theory/modeling; eventually theory/experiment = 80/20 upto 60/40.

We have a good track record of graduate students and postdocs finding an excellent job in academia and industry.

In general, we love “hypothesis-generating” projects, before going into “hypothesis-driven” research. As such, postdoc training in our lab is typically a long process as they explore and go deeper into the resesearch prioject. At the same time, there is great flexibility in the direction of the projects. Please get in touch with Suckjoon Jun for more information.