Monthly coffee room seminar aka Biochemphys happy hour

coffee room seminar

We are a group of students and postdocs interested in biological physics and quantitive biology. We get together once per month (last Friday of the month) in the "coffee room" on the 7th floor of Urey Hall. The meeting consists of an informal seminar (typically 15-30 minutes) followed by a discussion session with snacks and drinks. The official purpose is to foster cross-talks between research groups. The unofficial (real) purpose is enjoy a little break in good company, around a beer. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact Aman Sharma or Sreejith Santhosh.

We also use the same space for impromptu seminars by external speakers. Complete list of speakers are shown below.

Monthly internal speakers
Date Speaker Affiliation
Oct 27, 2023 Prof. Tzer Tan Han & Prof. Senguen Oh New faculties @ Physics
Jul 7, 2023 Brandon Rawson & Mario Hidalgo-Soria Smith group, Physics & Koslover group, Physics
Jun 1, 2023 Haochen Fu & Adarsh Balaji Jun Lab, Physics & McHugh Lab, Biochemistry
Apr 4, 2023 Aravind Karanam & Karishma Chabbria Rappel Lab & Kleinfeld Lab, Physics
Feb 27, 2023 Ryan Thiermann & Sreejith Santhosh Jun Lab & Serra Group, Physics
Jan 24, 2023 Zubenelgenubi Scott Koslover Group, Physics
Oct 28, 2022 Timothy Tyree Rappel Lab, Physics
Sep 30, 2022 Jacob Duckworth Kleinfeld Lab, Physics
Aug 26, 2022 Fangzhou Xiao Jun Lab, Physics
Jul 29, 2022 Avaneesh Narla Hwa Lab, Physics
Jun 24, 2022 Kartik Rallapalli Paesani Lab, Chemistry and Biochemistry
May 27, 2022 Micheal Reiss Rappel Lab, Physics
Nov 27, 2019 Tapan Goel Diamond & Collins, Physics
Nov 1, 2019 Amalia Callado Perez Kleinfeld Lab, Physics
Sep 27, 2019 Tong Su McHugh Lab, Biochemistry
Aug 23, 2019 Tatsuhisa Tsuboi Zid Lab, Biochemistry
Jul 26, 2019 Anamika Agrawal Koslover Group, Physics
Jun 28, 2019 Albert Kakkis Tezcan Lab, Biochemistry
May 31, 2019 Matteo Mori Hwa Lab, Physics
May 3, 2019 Guillaume Le Treut Jun Lab, Physics

External speakers
Date Speaker Institute
Feb 20, 2024 Henrik Weyer Frey Group, LMU, Germany
Nov 17, 2023 Ludwig Burger Gerland Lab, TU Munich, Germany
Apr 19, 2023 Arthur Charles-Orszag LSRF postdoctoral fellow, Dyche Mullins lab, UCSF
Apr 29, 2022 Thias Oberg Boesen Loebner-Olesen Lab, U Copenhagen, Denmark
Jan 9, 2020 Prof.Alex Persat EPFL, Switzerland