Lab Members

Suckjoon Jun
Suckjoon Jun [PI, Physics and Molecular Biology]
Allen Distinguished Investigator, Pew Scholar,
NSF CAREER awardee, Scialog Fellow
Research Interest: "Charlie Chaplin goes to the biology lab"
[email] [office 858-534-2384, UH7222] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
[brief biography] [Google scholar]
Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox [lab manager and staff research assistant] [email]
Sattar Taheri
Sattar Taheri [postdoc] [web] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I got my BSc in physics from Sharif University, and then did MSc and PhD in University of Waterloo, Canada. In grad school, I worked on a variety of theoretical biophysics problems including modeling membrane disruptions by antimicrobial peptides. Here in Jun lab, I happily converted to an experimentalist working on cell size control in E. coli and enjoy running in fantastic weather of La Jolla.
Dustin McIntosh
Dustin McIntosh [postdoc] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I’m originally from Colorado Springs, CO; I got my B.S. in engineering physics at Colorado School of Mines, a small engineering school near Denver. I did my graduate work in physics at UCSB, experimentally studying single-molecule polyelectrolyte physics. I have long been an avid hiker and basketball player. I am working in the Jun lab as a postdoc to study cell-size control.
Steven Brown
Steven Brown [postdoc] [Google scholar] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Madison where I studied the bacterial interface of chemistry and biology with Prof. Laura Kiessling. I then went west and defended a PhD thesis on virus-derived nanoparticles at The Scripps Research Institute with Prof. M.G. Finn. I’m now combining my quantitative and molecular skills to learn how size and shape are modulated in E. coli.
JT Sauls
JT Sauls [1st-year graduate student (UCSD BISB)] [email]
I received my BSc and MSc in Bioengineering from UPenn in Philly, where I sailed and cultivated a healthy interest in tampering with biology. After working in both a start-up and mid-sized metabolic engineering firm, I am back in school to further my understanding of the cell on a quantitative level. In the Jun lab I study the morphology of B. subtilis as well as help build in-house microscope software.
Calvin Feng

Calvin Feng

Position: 4th-year physics undergrad
Jonathan Loi
Jonathan Loi [2nd-year physics undergrad] [email]
I grew up in Orange County and am currently an undergraduate on track to graduate in 3 years. I am working towards a BS in Physics/Biophysics and am pre-med at UCSD. I work with bacteria in an attempt to discover relations between characteristics such as doubling time, cell size, and cell length through quantitative approaches. I currently am interested in the suppression of viral activity.
Omid Azizi
Omid Azizi
Position: 1st-year undergrad; University of California Regents Scholar
Xiaowen Wang
Xiaowen Wang
Position: 2nd-year undergrad, biology
Kiana Miyamoto
Kiana Miyamoto
Position: 2nd-year undergrad, biology
Clarence Tan
Clarence Tan
Position: 1st-year undergrad, engineering

Former Members

  • Post-docs

    • Anne Hempel
  • Rotation students

    • Gautam Reddy (Physics, 2013)
    • Grant Allen (Physics, 2013)
    • Alan Chang (Physics, 2013)
    • Joey Ostrand (Bio, 2012)
    • Greg Peters (Bio, 2012)
    • Molly Allen (BioE, 2013)
  • Undergraduate students

    • Eden Aklile (Chem, 2012-2013)
    • Ayat Amin (Phys, 2012-2013)
  • High-school students

    • Tina Quach (Westview High, 2013; now undergrad at MIT)
    • Tony Cao (Westview High, 2013; now undergrad at MIT)
  • Staffs

    • Farinaz Babaepour (2012-2013)