Lab Members

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Suckjoon Jun
Suckjoon Jun [PI, Physics and Molecular Biology]
Allen Distinguished Investigator, Pew Scholar,
NSF CAREER awardee, Scialog Fellow
Research Interest: "Charlie Chaplin goes to the biology lab"
[email] [office 858-534-2384, UH6250] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
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Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox [lab manager and staff research assistant] [email]
Fangwei Si
Fangwei Si [postdoc] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received a BS in Mechanics from Peking University in 2009. In 2015, I received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins where I studied biomechanics of cell division and growth supervised by Prof. Sean Sun. Now I’m a postdoc in the Jun lab to study mechanisms of bacterial growth and size regulation by means of quantitative measurement.
Guillaume Le Treut
Guillaume Le Treut [postdoc] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
Dongyang Li
Dongyang Li [graduate student] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received my BSc in biology from Peking University before moving to San Diego in pursuit of my doctoral degree in the Division of Biological Sciences at UCSD. In the Jun Lab, I'm following my passion for imaging and quantitative analysis to study how E. coli coordinates the demand of chromosome replication and cell growth.
JT Sauls
JT Sauls [graduate student (UCSD BISB)] [email]
I received my BSc and MSc in Bioengineering from UPenn in Philly, where I sailed and studied how the cell experiences the sense of touch. I then worked at Ginkgo Bioworks, in Boston, and at BRAIN A.G. in Zwingenberg, Germany, realizing that the microbe is the most beautiful machine. I hope to understand that machine not just as a tinkerer but as a true engineer--one who uses quantitative laws and evidence to design and build. Towards that goal, I am investigating the bacterial cell cycle, and how a single cell can harmonize chromosome replication, growth, division, and size.
JT Sauls's Hobby
Vyshnavi Balakrishnan
Vyshnavi Balakrishnan
Position: Volunteer postgraduate researcher
Cindy Sou
Cindy Sou
Position: undergrad, biochemistry and cell biology
Quynh Do
Quynh Do
Position: lab assistant, undergrad, bioengineering
I transferred from San Diego Mesa College to major in Bioengineering: Biotechnology in UCSD. I am currently working in the Jun Lab as a lab assistant in hopes of gaining more research experience. After graduation, my plan is to work in the engineering and health sciences field.
Zulfar Ghulam-Jelani
Zulfar Ghulam-Jelani
Position: undergrad, bioengineer, physics
I helped in building a multiplex turbidostat and am currently using the turbidostat created in experiments to understand bacterial physiology and its relation to cell size and other cell characteristics in Bacillus subtilis. I aim to pursue a Ph.D. degree in biomedical engineering focusing on using microfluidic devices and brain machine interfaces as a tool to study the regeneration of neural tissue.
Jacopo Solari
Jacopo Solari
Position: Visiting graduate student (AMOLF)

Former Members

  • Project scientists

    • Yonggun Jun (currently associate professor at NCU, Taiwan)
      Yonggun has made critical contributions to a range of projects in our lab on at least two important papers (and still counting) in our lab.
    • Xintian Li (Senior Scientist, NCI/NIH; Project Scientist 2014-2016)
      Xintian has established molecular biology and bacterial genetics platforms in our lab. He returned to Maryland to rejoin his beloved family. He is now a long-term collaborator of our lab.
  • Post-docs

    • Mike Erickstad (exploring industry)
      Mike was traind in instrumentation in Alex Groisman's lab at UCSD Physics. In our lab, Mike made a critical contribution to our research by developing multiplexed turbidostats (with JT Sauls, grad student) and, equally important, 2-photon fabrication of next-generation mother machines. We expect these in-house technologies to bear fruit for many years to come.
    • Steve Brown (post-doc at Amir Zarringpar lab, UCSD Medical School)
      Steve contributed to a range of problems in our lab from high-throughput imaging, bioinformatics, and pioneering recombineering in E. coli NCM. He has moved on to take up a new challenge in microbiome - research field currently in its exponential expansion phase - at UCSD Medical School.
    • Dustin McIntosh (Google)
    • Sattar Taheri (junior faculty at CSU Northridge)
      Suffice to say that Sattar discovered the ‘adder’ principle of size homeostasis in bacteria, one of the most important discoveries of our lab.
  • Rotation students

    • Anamika Agrawal (Physics, 2016), Gautam Reddy (Physics, 2013), Grant Allen (Physics, 2013), Alan Chang (Physics, 2013; now in Silicon Valley), Joey Ostrand (Bio, 2012), Greg Peters (Bio, 2012), Molly Allen (BioE, 2013)
  • Visitors

    • Ashley Cadby (Senior Lecturer, Univ. Sheffield, UK: sabbatical 01/2016-08/2016)
      Dr. Cadby has developed important single-cell imaging and manipulation techniques with us and will be visiting every summer.
    • Liyana Peedikakkal (PhD student, Univ. Sheffield)
      Liyana visited our lab with Dr. Cadby during his sabbatical.
    • Kazuki Yoda (Visiting undergraduate researcher, University of Tokyo, 2016)
    • Benjamin Escudero (Visiting for a diplomat project, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France, 2015)
  • Undergraduate students

    • Omid Azizi (undergrad in bioengineering)
      Omid worked in our lab for 3 years as an undergrad researcher between 2013-2016, and his work has resulted in one publication.
    • Amy Schwartz (undergrad in bioengineering; PhD student in UCSD Nanoengineering)
      Amy was a captain of UCSD Women’s soccer team for 4 years. She worked in our lab for 2 years between 2014-2016, and her undergrad research work resulted in two publications as well as the prestigious John Holmes Malmberg Prize given two two graduating students at UCSD Physics.
    • Lauren Fong (Bio, 2015-2016)
      Xiaowen Wang (Bio, 2014)
      Casey Edwards (Phys, summer 2014)
      Eden Aklile (Chem, 2012-2013)
      Ayat Amin (Phys, 2012-2013)
      Kiana Miyamoto (Bio)
      Calvin Feng (Phys)
      Jonathan Loi (Phys)
      Clarence Tan (Eng)
  • High-school students

    • Tina Quach (Westview High, 2013; now undergrad at MIT)
      Tony Cao (Westview High, 2013; now undergrad at MIT)
  • Staffs

    • Farinaz Babaepour (2012-2013)