Lab Members

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Suckjoon Jun
Suckjoon Jun [PI, Physics and Molecular Biology]
Allen Distinguished Investigator, Pew Scholar,
NSF CAREER awardee, Scialog Fellow
Research Interest: "Charlie Chaplin goes to the biology lab"
[email] [office 858-534-2384, UH6250] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
[brief biography] [Google scholar] [CV]
Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox [lab manager and staff research assistant] [email]
Ashley Cadby
Ashley Cadby [visiting professor]
Dr. Cadby will stay for a 7 month sabbatical developing novel imaging techniques and systems.
Xintian Li
Xintian Li [scientist] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received my PhD degree at Peking Union Medical College in Beijing. I did my postdoctoral research in the Breslow and Rifkind laboratories at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. In 2008, I joined Dr. Donald Court’s lab at the NCI, Frederick. I worked on several projects, focusing on optimization of recombineering for practical and applied use. In Dr. Jun's lab, I am studying the fundamental biological processes by combining recombineering and biophysical techniques.
Steven Brown
Steven Brown [postdoc] [Google scholar] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Madison where I studied the bacterial interface of chemistry and biology with Prof. Laura Kiessling. I then went west and defended a PhD thesis on phage-derived nanoparticles at The Scripps Research Institute with Prof. M.G. Finn. I’m now combining my quantitative and molecular skills to learn how E. coli cells fail to maintain growth homeostasis.
Steven Brown's Hobby
Mike Erickstad
Mike Erickstad [postdoc] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
In 2008, I received a BS in Physics from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. In 2014, I received a PhD in Physics (Biophysics) from UCSD, where I studied microfluidics in the Groisman Lab. In the Jun Lab, I am working to bring technology, and ideas from physics to biology in order to enhance studies of senescence and death at the single cell level.
Mike Erickstad's Hobby
Fangwei Si
Fangwei Si [postdoc] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received a BS in Mechanics from Peking University in 2009. In 2015, I received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins where I studied biomechanics of cell division and growth supervised by Prof. Sean Sun. Now I’m a postdoc in the Jun lab to study mechanisms of bacterial growth and size regulation by means of quantitative measurement.
Jiawei Yeh
Jiawei Yeh [postdoc] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received my PhD in Physics at National Taiwan University where I studied the physics of DNA polymer at Micro/Nano interfaces. As a postdoctoral associate, I then turned my attention to single molecular dynamics and epigenetics in Craighead's lab at Cornell. Here in Jun's lab, I am studying mechanisms of the chromosome at the single cellular level.
Dongyang Li
Dongyang Li [graduate student] [email] [lab 858-822-1090, UH6249]
I received my BSc in biology from Peking University before moving to San Diego in pursuit of my doctoral degree in the Division of Biological Sciences at UCSD. In the Jun Lab, I'm following my passion for imaging and quantitative analysis to study how E. coli coordinates the demand of chromosome replication and cell growth.
JT Sauls
JT Sauls [3rd-year graduate student (UCSD BISB)] [email]
I received my BSc and MSc in Bioengineering from UPenn in Philly, where I sailed and studied how the cell experiences the sense of touch. I then worked at Ginkgo Bioworks, in Boston, and at BRAIN A.G. in Zwingenberg, Germany, realizing that the microbe is the most beautiful machine. I hope to understand that machine not just as a tinkerer but as a true engineer--one who uses quantitative laws and evidence to design and build. Towards that goal, I am investigating the bacterial cell cycle, and how a single cell can harmonize chromosome replication, growth, division, and size.
JT Sauls's Hobby
Liyana Peedikakkal
Liyana Peedikakkal [visiting graduate student]
I am pursuing my PhD in Cadby Lab in the University of Sheffield, UK. I am here in Jun Lab as a visiting graduate student. My project entails developing a novel illumination system using Digital Micromirror Device for super resolution imaging. The system allows the user to illuminate a small area in the sample for confocal or SIM imaging. The project I am working on is to combine the advanced long-term bacterial imagining technology of the Jun lab with a novel imaging and illumination platform developed by the Cadby lab, with the aim to image the growth of large numbers of individual bacteria through their life-cycle using a combination of imaging techniques.
Vyshnavi Balakrishnan
Vyshnavi Balakrishnan
Position: Volunteer postgraduate researcher
Omid Azizi
Omid Azizi
Position: 3rd-year undergrad; University of California Regents Scholar
Amy Schwartz
Amy Schwartz
Position: 4th-year undergrad, physics
Cindy Sou
Cindy Sou
Position: 2nd-year undergrad, biochemistry and cell biology
Quynh Do
Quynh Do
Position: lab assistant, 3rd-year undergrad, bioengineering
Youjeong Na
Youjeong Na
Position: 2nd-year undergrad, biochemistry and cell biology
Zulfar Ghulam-Jelani
Zulfar Ghulam-Jelani
Position: undergrad, biochemistry and cell biology

Former Members

  • Project scientists

    • Yonggun Jun (faculty at NCU, Taiwan)
  • Post-docs

    • Sattar Taheri (junior faculty at CSU Northridge)
    • Anne Hempel (now post-doc at Sanford-Burnham)
    • Dustin McIntosh (Google)
  • Rotation students

    • Gautam Reddy (Physics, 2013)
    • Grant Allen (Physics, 2013)
    • Alan Chang (Physics, 2013; now in Silicon Valley)
    • Joey Ostrand (Bio, 2012)
    • Greg Peters (Bio, 2012)
    • Molly Allen (BioE, 2013)
  • Visitors

    • Kazuki Yoda (Visiting undergraduate researcher, University of Tokyo, 2016)
    • Benjamin Escudero (Visiting for a diplomat project, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France, 2015)
  • Undergraduate students

    • Lauren Fong (Bio, 2015-2016)
    • Xiaowen Wang (Bio, 2014)
    • Casey Edwards (Phys, summer 2014)
    • Eden Aklile (Chem, 2012-2013)
    • Ayat Amin (Phys, 2012-2013)
    • Kiana Miyamoto (Bio)
    • Calvin Feng (Phys)
    • Jonathan Loi (Phys)
    • Clarence Tan (Eng)
  • High-school students

    • Tina Quach (Westview High, 2013; now undergrad at MIT)
    • Tony Cao (Westview High, 2013; now undergrad at MIT)
  • Staffs

    • Farinaz Babaepour (2012-2013)