Size convergence by the Adder principle.
JT Sauls talks about what he does for qBio and the Jun Lab. See more at the qBio homepage.
Time-lapse video of the construction of Jun Lab (timescale ~1 year).
James Pelletier is a Hertz Fellow :)
Lysis of exponential phase E. coli cells.
Chromosome compression in the micropiston.
Fluorescent E. coli growing in the mother machine. Wang et al, Current Biology, 2010.
How to make the mother machine.
How to make an oxygen plasma cleaner under $500 (we paid about $10K).
How to duplicate the mother machine using epoxy.

Jun Lab - Quantitative And Physical Approach to Biology

Physics and Molecular Biology - Urey Hall 6249-6253, UCSD

The driving force of our lab is the curiosity and desire to understand why the biological systems are the way they are. We are often attracted to long-standing questions in biology, for which quantitative, inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches are essential. We value both logic and intuition, but more of "night science" than "day science."

Upcoming Papers

"Cell-size control and homeostasis in bacteria," S. Taheri-Araghi, S. Bradde, JT Sauls, N. Hills, P.A. Levin, J. Paulsson, M. Vergassola, S. Jun. Current Biology [online] [PDF+extended SI] [Google Scholar] [news coverage]
"Cell-size maintenance: universal strategy revealed," S. Jun and S. Taheri-Aragahi. Trends in Microbiology, 2014 [online] [PDF] [Google Scholar]
"Chromosome, cell cycle, and entropy," S. Jun. Biophysical Journal (in press).
"Single-cell cultivation in microfluidic devices," S. Taheri-Araghi and S. Jun. Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protocols, Springer (in press).
"Single-cell physiology," S. Taheri-Araghi, S. Brown, JT Sauls, D. McIntosh, S. Jun. Annual Review of Biophysics (in press).

Selected Recent Publications

"Bending forces plastically deform growing bacterial cell walls," A. Amir, F. Babaeipour, D. McIntosh, D. R. Nelson, S. Jun, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA (2014).
Bending forces plastically deform growing bacterial cell walls
"The bacterial chromosome: a physical biologist’s apology. A perspective." Appeared in Small Things Considered [click here] (2014).
The bacterial chromosome: a physical biologist’s apology. A perspective.
[David Goodsell’s new high-resolution E. coli illustration available upon request to Suckjoon Jun]
"The multi-fork Escherichia coli chromosome is a self-duplicating and self-segregating thermodynamic ring polymer,"
B. Youngren, H. J. Nielsen, S. Jun, and S. Austin, Genes & Development (2014).
The multi-fork Escherichia coli chromosome is a self-duplicating and self-segregating thermodynamic ring polymer
"Physical manipulation of the Escherichia coli chromosome reveals its soft nature," Pelletier & Halvorsen et al., PNAS Plus (2012).
Physical manipulation of the Escherichia coli chromosome reveals its soft nature
"Entropy as the driver of chromosome segregation," S. Jun and A. Wright, Nat. Rev. Microbiol. (2010)
[online] [PDF] [Small Things Considered]
Entropy as the driver of chromosome segregation
"Robust growth of Escherichia coli," Wang et al., Curr. Biol. (2010)
[online] [PDF] [F1000] [Small Things Considered]
[The Scientist Top 7 Biology]
[The Scientist Top 7 Biochemistry]
Robust growth of Escherichia coli


We have another opening for a Project Scientist with a background in optics and instrumentation. This position has been filled. (November 1, 2014)
Suckjoon has been selected as a Scialog Fellow for Scialog: Molecules Come to Life by Research Corporation and Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation. (July 16, 2014)
We have an opening for a Project Scientist with a background in bacterial genetics. (April 22, 2014)
Update: this position is filled. We welcome Dr. Xintian Li from Don Court’s lab at NCI/NIH. (July 16, 2014)
Suckjoon has been awarded a 5-year NSF CAREER Award (MCB, $1.15M) Cell cycle and cell size control in bacteria. (July 22, 2013)
Suckjoon has been named one of the 22 Pew Scholars. [UCSD News] [Press Release] (June 13, 2013)
Our lab alumnus (at Harvard), James Pelletier (now at MIT), has been named a Hertz Fellow. Congratulations! (April 15, 2013)
Thanks to the Paul G. Allen Foundation, Suckjoon is one of the five Allen Distinguished Investigators. [UCSD News] [Seattle Times] [Xconomy] (February 28, 2013)
Thanks to Brendan at UCSD Physics IT, the beta version of our web site is ready for public. (November 13, 2012)
Our lab has officially moved from Harvard to UCSD. The new lab space at UCSD is currently under construction in Urey Hall 6249-6253, to be completed before next year. (October 4, 2012)
James' paper has just appeared online at PNAS. Highlight or full article.(September 14, 2012)
Jean-Yves Bouet (CNRS) visited us.(June 8-12, 2012)
Another brave theoretical physicist, Ariel Amir (Harvard Junior Fellow), will start his adventure in experimental physical biology.(May 2, 2012)
Stuart Austin (NCI) and Henrik Nielsen will be visiting us to discuss bacterial chromosomes.(April 25-28, 2012)
Please visit The Cost of Knowledge (boycott Elsevier), and sign, if you agree.
It will take some serious courage, esepcially for junior scientists, since Elsevier owns Cell, Current Biology, and many others.
For background information, read the blogposts by Tom Gowers, Terence Tao, HMS; articles in the Guardian, NYT, the Boston Globe.
If you want to have a good laugh, investment firms seem to know a lot about Open Access Movement -- read this.(April 22, 2012)
Suckjoon will be giving a keynote speech at the Chemical Biophysics Symposium in Toronto, Canada.(April 13-15, 2012)
Sattar has been accepted to Advanced Bacterial Genetics course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
Intense 3 weeks in June!(April 2, 2012)
Petra Levin (Washington Univ., St Louis) visited us to discuss bacterial cell cycle in E. coli and B. subtilis.(January 6-7, 2012)
The complete data sets for the mother machine paper are available for download.
Please see here or here before writing us with requests. Thanks.(November 28, 2011)
Muyoung Heo has been selected as one of the 15 Fellows in natural sciences awarded by the President of Korea.
It is a great deal and it comes with a very generous package for his future research.(August 30, 2011)

Current Lab Members

  • Suckjoon Jun (PI)
  • Sarah Cox (Lab manager, research assistant)
  • Xintian Li (Project scientist, mol bio)
  • Yonggun Jun (Project scientist, physics)
  • Sattar Taheri-Araghi (Postdoc, physical bio)
  • Steven Brown (Postdoc, mol. microbio)
  • Mike Erickstad (Postdoc)
  • JT Sauls (Systems Biology, grad student)
  • Omid Azizi (1st-year UC Regents Scholar)
  • Xiaowen Wang (2nd-year undergrad, biology)
  • Amy Schwartz (3rd-year undergrad, physics)

How To Join

We have multiple positions available for students and post-docs. We also have a Project Scientist position available to strengthen our bacterial genetics infrastructure. See HOW TO JOIN for more information. To apply for a Project Scientist position, click here.